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Phoebe and Jack's Coastal Wedding: Love, Friendship, and Adventure at The Cliff Hotel

Nestled on the edge of Pembrokeshire's rugged coastline, The Cliff Hotel witnessed a love story that was as genuine as it was enchanting. Phoebe and Jack's journey, which began as best friends during their university years , culminated in a beautiful wedding that celebrated their deep connection. The stunning Pembrokeshire landscape was more than just a backdrop; it was a part of their story. Poppet Sands, where Jack proposed, and many family holidays had taken place, held a special place in their hearts and found its way into their cherished wedding photos. In a delightful twist, their love for adventure and laughter took center stage. Their wedding theme was an ode to fun and games, with space hopper races adding a touch of nostalgia and unbridled joy to their day. Their shared passion for kayaking was woven throughout, from the colour palette to the decor and theme, reflecting their spirit of exploration & friendship. Love doesn't stop at human relationships – it extends to our furry companions as well. Bertie, Phoebe and Jack's beloved dog, played a special role in their wedding day as the ring bearer. Dressed in a beautiful lei, Bertie trotted down the aisle, capturing hearts and adding an extra dose of joy to the occasion. Their commitment to including Bertie in their celebration showcased the depth of their bond as a family. Phoebe's walk down the aisle was a moment to behold, and Jack's beaming smile and tear filled eye captured the excitement of a love that had grown into something extraordinary. Against the backdrop of the sweeping sea, their vows echoed with authenticity and the promise of a future filled with shared adventures. The photographs from the day captured not just the beauty of venue but also the laughter and shared glances that defined their relationship. Phoebe and Jack's wedding was a tribute to friendship, the beauty of nature, and the joy of embracing life's journey together. With The Cliff Hotel's charm and the breathtaking coastal vista, their love story continues to inspire, reminding us that the most beautiful unions are those rooted in deep friendship and shared dreams.


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