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Emma & Chris

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Emma & Chris had a day full of smiles and laughter, the couples moods weren't damped by the weather and as planned whether rain and wind, Emma & Chris still made it down to the beach! I have to hand it to these two because they were still smiling and giddy, being blown around and rained on at the beach. It doesn't look like it but in-between shots there were 20mph winds blowing use round. Emma started the morning off getting ready in the cottage at Manorbier Castle, Chris at a B&B in the village, the two got married at 3pm & then partied their way through until the night. Chris' mum had surprised everyone with an act from Graffiti Classics which had everyone part taking in, including the bride! I can't forget to mention the two furry stars of the day Jack & Hatty who had extra special attention as requested :)


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