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Anushka & Toby

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

Congratulations to Anushka & Toby. I absolutely loved this wedding day, Anushka has such a wonderful energy and I loved capturing her's & Toby's happiness. It traditionally rains on wedding days in Anushka's family and it's seen as an auspicious omen. I usually have incredible luck with rain on wedding days as in it doesn't rain or it's always dry when its needed to be so I was interested to find out what would happen. We had an un forecasted rainfall just as we were on our way to do the photographs. Anushka and Toby embraced the weather and kept smiling away. Seeing a rainbow on the your wedding day in indian culture is also seen as good luck and they had two! This was my first Christian Indian wedding and it was a beautiful mix of cultures. It was also the largest bridal party I have had, consisting of four bridesmaids, 10 flower girls and 12 Groomsmen! Most of Anushka's family had flown over from Australia and India so there was a real sense of family unity, love and reunion.. It really was a pleasure to capture and I had a very hard time narrowing down the selection. They got married in St Mary's Church in Tenby and then headed to their reception at the beautiful Trefloyne Manor.


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